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Pride Passion Profit™ — 7 Steps to Category Development: Personal Coaching and Consulting

Pride, Passion, Profit – 7 Steps to Category Development goes where no one else has dared go: to the heart of the relationship between a consumer and a buying experience. If you learn to let your customers determine how, what, and where they buy, you'll move beyond category management to category development, and it's there—and only there—that sustainable profitability awaits.

You will discover how to:

  • Measure share of heart instead of share of wallet
  • Stop guessing about what your customers want
  • Remain flexible in the face of changing consumer demands
  • Solve your customers' problems on their terms
  • Promote a solution instead of a price

New Ways of Working Together — Create a Demand Driven Collaborative Supply Chain: Personal Coaching and Consulting

Companies understand that success will not be realized by individual efforts but rather the combined efforts of their companies and their trading partners. Collaboration is at the forefront of center stage. Central to this discussion is the importance of the customer; undoubtedly, all strategy should begin and end with the consumer. All structures, incentives, rewards, and training must be defined in accordance to creating a stronger value proposition for the consumer.

You will learn to:

  • How to create a demand driven supply chain
  • The collaborative opportunity and the New Ways of Working Together Framework
  • Increased sales
  • Reduce inventories
  • Increased customer service

Customized Training & Seminars

  • Category development - taking category management to the next level
  • Retail trends and technologies
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Activity-based costing - balanced scorecard
  • Performance measurement
  • Category management
  • Marketing planning and positioning
  • Clicks and bricks
  • Demand forecasting and replenishment
  • Marketing on the Internet - E-commerce or E-nough
  • Global trends and technologies
  • Anchoring your vision by anchoring your strategy

Marketing and Strategic Planning

  • Shifting from the 4 Ps to the 4 Cs
  • Product planning and promotions
  • Strategic planning and developing effective marketing plans
  • Capitalizing on consumer trends and opportunities - short, medium or long-term
  • Performance measurement
  • The Balanced Scorecard approach to marketing

Market Research

  • Market monitor - emerging trends and demographics
  • Economic analysis
  • Industry White Papers and Reports
  • Retail technology
    • Benchmark and best practices
    • Design intercept surveys
  • Conduct surveys
  • Analyze data
  • Report findings (both in hard copy and as a presentation to management)


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