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Pride Passion ProfitPride Passion Profit™ — 7 Steps to Category Development

"A must read for retailers and manufacturers alike who struggle with profitable growth." Robert Kaplan - Harvard Business School

"This book goes directly to the heart of why retailers and suppliers often fail to make the progress they want." Jim Harris - Best selling author, "The Learning Paradox"


Pride Passion Profit — 7 Steps to Category Development is a revolutionary system for leveraging consumer-centric practices. It's about integrating the best practices from category management, marketing, and human relations into a fresh way of doing business with the customer at the center. Pride Passion Profit™ Workshops are now available. Download this PDF info sheet for detailed workshop information.

See the book's Table of Contents and Preface below. Buy the book from Contact me if you need more information about these workshops or other customized courses and retail and category management education services.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction: The War on the Floor - Customer-Centric Conflict
  • Step 1: Validate and Collaborate - Reconcile Category Plans with Current Operations
  • Step 2: View and Perspective - Improve Your Situational Awareness
  • Step 3: Myth or Reality - Identify Your Best Development Opportunities
  • Step 4: Mirage or Oasis - Set Your Category Goals and Strategies
  • Step 5: Need or Desire - Identify and Communicate Your Category Solutions Mix
  • Step 6: Greed or Growth - Position for Profit
  • Step 7: Formalize and Integrate - Complete Your Category Development Plan
  • Appendix 1: The Importance of Education and Technology
  • Appendix 2: New Ways of Working Together - Preparing Our People for the New World
  • Notes
  • Bonus


There has never been a better time to remind ourselves that if we take Pride in what we do and have a Passion for excellence, then and only then will we have Profit.

Many people today have lost faith in the government, the economy, and too often in themselves. They are looking to the future with fear rather than faith. We have all been impacted by global changes in how we work, live, and prosper, but we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by them. Success is determined not by our circumstances but by how we choose to react to them. We must look to the future with optimism, hope, pride in who we are, and a stronger passion for what we do.

We wrote this book and chose the title to remind you that you should never lose your sense of purpose and your dreams for the future. There has never been a greater time for leaders to step forward and lead through inspiration. We must find new ways of working together if we are to emerge stronger. We must look at what each of us can do to turn things around rather than looking to others for change.

The word Pride refers to a reasonable self-respect. Are you proud of who you are and what you are doing?

The word Passion means boundless enthusiasm. We want to encourage each and every one of you to become more passionate in who you are and what you do. Are you still making every effort to be and do your best despite all obstacles? Do you have what it takes to face your current reality and do what it takes to emerge stronger and better? Are you putting your customers first and working collaboratively with your trading partners? Can you work together to find opportunities from chaos and conflict? Will you commit to being a leader in your own realm? Do you look to the future with optimism?

The word Profit refers to a positive gain or advantage arising from an investment, strategy, or course of action. Profits can be earned honestly with integrity or through manipulation and lack of integrity. Profits earned without a strong sense of pride and passion will be short-lived, as they will not be built on a solid foundation.

There have been numerous retail casualties in recent years, but there have also been numerous successes. The one thing that successful companies have in common is the ability to effectively identify and meet the needs of their consumers by gaining a share of their hearts in addition to a share of their wallets. Your customers may forget what you said, and they may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel in their time of need.

Retailers and vendors must evolve just like their customers are evolving. You must understand how to change and what to change into. We wrote this book to help you learn to grow profitably by dedicating yourself to consistently solving your customers' problems. Ultimately, you have the power to define your future and your path to Profit if you take Pride in who you are and have a Passion for what you do.


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