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Punished By Rewards
"Are your incentives and rewards focused on metrics or customer satisfaction?" - a guest column by Inez at Retail Solutions Online

workshop flyerAre you still just managing categories?

Pride Passion Profit™ — 7 Steps to Category Development Workshop

This workshop goes where no one else has dared go: to the heart of the relationship between a consumer and a buying experience.

If you learn to let your customers determine how, what and where they buy, you'll move beyond category management to category development. It's there - and only there - that sustainable profitability awaits.

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Hi and welcome to my web site!

My name is Inez Blackburn. I am an independent consultant, educator and global trainer with a proven track record in helping companies maximizing performance by deploying a value proposition that will result in profitable growth. The revolution in Category Management has arrived and I have developed a series of workshops titled "Pride Passion Profit™ — 7 Steps to Category Management" that will take your current marketing and category strategies to the next level.

Solving Problems — One Customer at a Time

I have taught international marketing and retailing all over the world and studied consumers and their behaviors with one goal: how to get a greater share of heart.

If You're Not Solving Problems, You Are Creating Them

Do you sell products or solutions and have you evolved your marketing and category tactics to reflect the needs of post recession consumers and the era of postponement? If you are trying to understand what marketing tactics work today focus on how you make your customers feel.

7 Steps to Category Development Workshops

Category development forces you to focus on a longer period with strategies and tactics that reward the right behaviors. It will teach you how to develop effective category strategies that maximize the customer experience with a solutions based approach.

Education and Training Courses

I have been delivering customized education, training and seminars for over 15 years for numerous fortune 500 companies and Universities. My client list includes Walmart, Hudson Bay, Coca Cola, Dupont, Safeway, HE Butt, AC Nielson, Verifone, Cisco and many others. I have also participated in the development of customized Executive Global Supply Chains and Collaborative Demand Planning.

Customized courses are also available. Would like to know how I can help you? Do you need a dynamic and entertaining speaker, or want to discuss your training needs?

Contact me for more information.

The War on the Floor - download article

Inside Fashion: "The War on the Floor" - an article in the April 2010 issue based on the "Pride Passion Profit™ - 7 Steps to Category Development", a must read retail and category management title, authored by Inez Blackburn and Matthew Deeter.

Birth, Death & Beyond - download article
"Birth, Death & Beyond: Understanding Product Life Cycles" - March 2011 article by Inez Blackburn.

2020 Shopper

2020 Shopper: April 2012 White Paper by Inez Blackburn and The Central Group.


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